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Dress Code

The Club expects Members, Guests and Visitors to conform to a casual standard of dress that is in keeping with the traditions of the game of golf, whilst recognising ever changing trends in fashion for both ladies and gentlemen.

In The Clubhouse

We do permit the wearing of Denim jeans, T-shirts (those without collars) may be worn if they are recognised golf wear or they are worn underneath an outer garment. However we do not permit any ripped, torn, dirty or wet clothing in the clubhouse. In addition, we do not permit sportswear other than golf clothing. Everyone is required to wear footwear and men are requested to wear socks (not compulsory). Golf shoes are not permitted in the Bar or Dining Room at any time. Flip-flops are not permitted. Hats and caps must be removed before entering the Bar or Dining Room.

On the Golf Course

Recognised golf wear is expected at all times. Golf shoes must be worn with socks but when wearing shorts, predominantly white sockettes or ankle socks, or knee length socks, (which may not necessarily be white) must also be worn. All golfers are required to wear tailored full or three quarter length trousers or tailored shorts but ladies may wear shorts and skorts. Cargo style shorts and trousers (those with additional pockets on the front or side) are permitted provided that they are uniform in colour or chequered and are not intended as beach wear. Collared shirts or t-shirts that are recognised golf wear should be worn at all times. Caps may be worn provided that the peak is faced forward.

We reserve the right to temporarily amend these dress rules for a function or event and details of such will appear on the notice advertising the event.

Upholding Our Club Policies

Thanking you in advance for upholding our club policies. Any person not conforming to these standards will be asked to dress accordingly or to leave the course or clubhouse. In matters of acceptability the decision of the manager, steward, professional and all staff or officer of the club present is final.